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Botou youjian environmental protection equipment co LTD is a professional company with the development design production installation and service of environmental engineering and environmental protection equipment Company is located in the coronal has the reputation of hometown of pears botou city hebei province the company in the east near the beijing shanghai railway beijing shanghai high speed and 104 national highway 106 state road and west stone yellow high speed the geographical position is superior the transportation is very convenient Our company adheres to the tenet of quality first users first now reside in the domestic high grade high quality high performance environmental...

Categories and Products

Dust Collector

Flat Bag Dust Collector

High Efficiency Dust Collector Filter Bag Industrial bag filter cost dust collector for tobacco Portable welding dust remover Washable polyester synthetic tobacco dust collector High efficiency smoke collector Mobile welding smoke collector Industry Inserted Bag Pulse Dust Removal Equipment High efficiency dust collector accessories Lead smelter dust collector 

Pulse Bag Collector

air chamber type pulse-jet bag filter Gas box pulsed dust collector Bag filtering dust precipitator Cement plant MC- type bag filters High efficiency pulsed jet collector Industrial pulse bag filter Industrial machinery pulse valve bag dust collector Medium frequency electric furnace dust collector Cloth bag collecting machine Stable performance MC type pulse bag dust collector 

Anti - Blower Cloth Bag Dust Collector

Downflow Dust Collector For Sand Blasting Room Downflow Dust Collector For Sand Blasting LFEF type glass fiber bag type dust collector Mechanical anti-blowing dust collector chamber outside blowout flat bag dust collector Bag Type Back Blow Bag Type Dust Collector type air bag dust remover CNMC counter current pulse backblowing bag filter Industrial Price Filter Bag Cement Plant Dust Collector High quality cloth bag filter Boiler dust collector company LHF series rotary back blowing bag filter HKD new type dryer bag type dust collector 

New Dryer Bag Dust Collector

Industrial dust recovery equipment Dust recovery equipment for drying machine woodshop dust collection system Drying machine dust collector series Dedusting equipment for drying machine 

Single Machine Dust Collector

Stainless steel dust collector equipment Boiler pulse bag filter 20T boiler dust collector 10T boiler dust collector Medium frequency furnace dust collector High efficiency furnace dust collecting machine Dust collector for mining furnace The rotary spark trap machine Portable intermediate frequency furnace suction hood Mine hot furnace cooling pipe Dust collector of mine thermo electric furnace Series of EAF dust remover DMC series pulse single machine dust remover PL single machine bag filter HMC type pulse jet single machine dust collector Corrosion resistance SS stainless steel filter bag cage HD type single bag collector Selection of dust remover in Cupola Dust collector of ore heat furnace Boiler bag dust collector 

Electrostatic Precipitator

High Pressure Electrostatic Precipitator

CDG series high voltage electrostatic precipitator XD-II multi tube cyclone dust collector Diffused high efficiency cyclone dust collector HX-1410 cyclone dust collector GXCD series tubular electrostatic precipitator High pressure electrostatic precipitator High voltage electrostatic precipitator 

Cyclone Dust Collector

dust extraction systems for woodwork Dust removal industrial cyclone collector General industrial dust cyclone sand separator Cyclone separator for industrial dust remover Whirlwind extractor for factory Cyclone separator with bag filter Air filter separation cyclone dust collector Pulpout cyclone dust collector of woodworking machinery Wholesale price cyclone separator industrial dust collector Coarse trapping cyclone filtration separation deduster Cyclone separator / cyclone separator Saw industrial cyclone dust collector Cyclone stone dust collector machine Low-cost cyclone bag dust remover Woodworking dust collection cyclone dust collector Cement plant air filtration dust collector cyclone filter High quality industries dust removal machine Waste gas filtering industrial cyclone dust extractor Delta Cyclone Dust Collector carbon steel cyclonic separation cyclone dust collector 

Desulphurization Deduster

CCJ/DG impact multi tube duster BLS-8L wet vertical kiln dust collector air box pulse bag filter Efficient desulphurization water processor WC type low pressure Venturi dust collector Desulphurization and denitrification deduster CCJ/A type impulse precipitator 

Dust Collector Fittings

Pulse Solenoid Valve

High efficiency solenoid valve ASCO electromagnetic pulse valve Submerged pulse solenoid valve DMF-Z-70S electromagnetic pulse valve DSF-Y-70S electromagnetic pulse valve DSF-80-XS electromagnetic pulse valve KXD-1/KXD-II electromagnetic pulse valve Six split pulse solenoid valve Two inch electromagnetic pulse valve Submersed pulse solenoid valve series Right angle solenoid valve DMF-Z-70S right angle solenoid valve Price of solenoid valve Dust collector fittings pulse valve Two inch and half dust removing pulse valve DMF-ZM-25 speed connecting valve Principle of electromagnetic pulse valve Submerged electromagnetic pulse valve DMF-Y High pressure solenoid valve Electromagnetic pulse valve series 

Star Discharger

XLD-A type star type discharge XLD-B type stellate ash relief valve YJD-A type star type ash relief valve YJD-B type star type ash relief valve Stellate ash discharge valve Rotary ash discharge valve Square mouth discharge valve Square mouth ash discharge valve Electric ash discharge valve High temperature discharge valve High temperature rotary valve Steel impeller feed valve Rotary valve valve discharge from coal cinder Dust removal valve for powder feeder Circular rotary blanking valve for valve actuators YGJD stainless steel cyclone dust collector Low price factory airlock rotary valve airlock Unload rotary valve unloading valve Exhaust valve rotating air lock valve Unloading valve / rotary valve 

Wind Blockage Valve

Dust collector skeleton assembly 

Venturi Tube

Star discharge device assembly 

Pulse Valve Diaphragm

DSF high temperature resistant NBR rubber diaphragm OEM EPDM black rubber diaphragm Sealed silicone rubber diaphragm Rubber diaphragm of electromagnetic pulse valve High quality natural rubber diaphragm Customized nitrile rubber diaphragms for valves Air pulsating filter membrane diaphragm valve CNG decelerator polytetrafluoroethylene diaphragm Membrane rubber pneumatic valve diaphragm in valves High quality pulse diaphragm Rubber diaphragm of pulsed jet solenoid valve Butadiene rubber solenoid valve diaphragm NBR diaphragm pulse valve High quality rubber diaphragm Heat resistant industrial pulse valve diaphragm High quality air valve diaphragm rubber diaphragm Pulse valve rubber diaphragm Right angle electromagnetic pulse valve 

Filter Press

Plate-and-frame Filter Press

SSPF horizontal pressure filter Solid-liquid separation continuous deposition equipment Plate frame intelligent filter press Horizontal automatic sludge press Press filter for industrial sewage treatment plant Plate and frame vacuum sludge dewatering press Metallurgical press filter for large processing Plate frame filter press for sewage treatment plant Belt press for sludge dewatering machine Filter press of sewage treatment plant urban tap water sludge dewatering filter press membrane filter press for sludge dewateing Plate frame filter press for oil industry Filter press for sludge dewatering machine Vacuum belt filter with desulphurizing gypsum Price of sludge dewatering machine CXSW type coal slime dehydrating press small filter press for solid liquid separator Vacuum solid-liquid separation filter small filter press with ISO:9001 certificate 

Vertical Filter Press

Vacuum filtration Mineral Engineering screw sludge dewatering machine CXSW sludge dewatering belt press sludge remover High performance Dehydrator in sewage treatment plant Price of vertical filter press Sludge treatment of belt filter press plate and frame filter press Price of plate and frame filter press 

Belt Filter Press

High pressure sludge thickener Livestock and poultry dung and urine separator Filter oil filter for industrial use Sludge dryer belt type liquid solid separator Barnyard manure dehydrator with belt filter press Vacuum belt filter for dehydration of slime Low price sludge dewatering machine 

Chamber Filter Press

dewatering vacuum filter belt press Price of fan filter press vacuum belt filter for coal slurry dewatering Belt filter press for sludge dewatering machine municipal sewage sludge dewatering machine 

Dusting Bag

PPS high temperature filter bag Metos dust filter bag P84 high temperature dust bag Anti oil and waterproof dedusting bag Filtration machine dust collector bag house High efficiency anti - static dust filter bag Electrostatic precipitation filter bag A variety of telescopic dust bag Carbon factory high quality air acrylic filter bag Antistatic polyester filter bag Dust bag air filter in vacuum cleaner Factory PPS/P84 dust bag Heat setting filter material for air dust collector Good quality 80% polyester vacuum cleaner dust bag P84 air filter bag sale PTFE dust bag for industrial use Industrial filter bag filter bag Dust Dacron bag filter bag in cement silo Hot sell vacuum Polyester cleaner filter dust bag PPS filter bag for cement kiln dust removal 

Dedusting Skeleton

Silicone dust removal skeleton Stainless steel flat skeleton Round skeleton of dust collector The spring venturi skeleton Galvanized Venturi tube for bag Dedusting skeleton of rotary joint Blast furnace gas skeleton High temperature resistant skeleton Bag type dust collector skeleton Galvanized dusting bag cage Organosilicon dusting bag frame Spray dusting bag frame Spring dusting bag frame Trapezoid dusting bag frame Stainless steel dust removal skeleton Flat bag dedusting skeleton Filter cage with Venturi's dust bag Organosilicon coated dust cage Carbon steel filter filter for bag filter Bag type dust collector accessories 

Bag Filter

Industrial fume baghouse dust collector Air filter cleaning equipment sand dust separator Industrial filtration equipment dust filter collector Air filter bag single dust collector Industrial cleaner bag type vacuum cleaner Deduster is sold by air duct cleaning equipment Industrial bag filter duster with pulse jet Dust collection baghouse / bag house dust collector Explosion-proof air filter / dust collector bag filter High efficiency best saw dust collector Power plant bag filter Woodworking woodshop dust collection system / dust extractor Industrial cyclone bag dust remover High quality filter bag air filter Air cleaning solution dust collector coal dust filter Quality assurance bag dust collector for industry ndustrial bag type cement dust collector Custom high quality fly ash dust bag filter 

Star type discharger

Star type unloader -YDJ-HG (square mouth) 

Coal Injection Machine Series

The kiln coal burner Pulverizing raw coal equipment Pulverized Coal Burner Equipment MRQ pulverized coal burner MP pulverized coal burner MP3000-4 pulverized coal burner 

Pulse Duster Series

pulse (online / off-line) bag type dust collector Removable polishing machine deduster Gas box pulse deduster Furniture factory dust remover Dust removal equipment for electric furnace 

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