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Maintenance of main accessories of bag dust remover


Cloth bag dust catcher by fan, flower board, dust removal filter bag, filter bag framework, electromagnetic pulse valve, the pulse control meter, the Star Discharger and screw conveyor and humidification machine, hopper, enclosure, ventilating valve, dust removal system, composed of the parts in the bag dust remover in the operation of the division of labor clear everything is step-by-step, whether the parts damage or failure will affect the precipitator dust removal efficiency, seriously will affect the service life of the filter.
It is very important to maintain the bag dust remover in daily operation.
Youjian environmental protection reminds you that the daily maintenance of cloth bag dust remover should be as follows:
(1) the staff should be familiar with the principle, performance and operating conditions of the cloth bag dust remover, and master the adjustment and maintenance methods.
(2) mechanical moving parts, such as reducer and ash conveying device, shall be filled with oil and changed with oil according to regulations, and abnormal phenomena shall be removed in time.
(3) the oil and water separator in the gas storage tank and air source triple connection shall discharge once per shift, and the oil and water separator shall be cleaned every 3 to 6 months. The oil mist device shall check the oil storage situation frequently and add oil in time.
(4) if the electromagnetic pulse valve fails, it should be removed in time. If there are impurities and moisture inside, it should be cleaned. If the diaphragm is damaged, it should be replaced in time.
(5) when the bag dust remover is in normal operation, the ash discharging device cannot stop working, otherwise, the dust bucket will soon be full of dust so as to overflow into the bag chamber, forcing the bag dust remover to stop working.
(6) when starting up, the compressed air shall be connected to the gas storage tank, the control power shall be connected, and the ash removal device shall be started. If there are other devices in the system, the downstream devices shall be started first.
(7) in process system halted when stop the machine, should maintain a Cloth Bag Dust Collector and exhaust fan to continue to work for a period of time, easy to remove the moisture and dust inside the dust removal equipment, it is important to note that in cloth bag Dust Collector to stop work, must be repeated to soot cleaning Bag Filter (manual removal) are available, and the dust on the dust removal filter bag, in case of affected by moisture and paste bag.
(8) when the machine is stopped, it is not necessary to cut off the compressed air source, especially when the fan is working, compressed air must be provided to the lifting valve cylinder to ensure the opening state of the lifting valve.
(9) regularly measure the process parameters of the cloth bag dust remover, such as the amount of smoke and gas, temperature, concentration, etc., and find out the reason for the abnormality and deal with it in time.
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